SJ Engineering – Structural and HVAC Engineering

SJ Engineering provides professional structural and mechanical engineering services geared towards the residential, light commercial and construction industries. We place a priority on efficiency, safetyinnovation and adding value to our clients’ projects. 

Producing safe, economical solutions at the forefront of technological innovation is extremely important here at SJ Engineering.  We are registered professional engineers and strive to exceed our clients’ engineering needs in a way that adds value to their projects. We do this through sound engineering judgment, staying on the leading edge of the latest technology and being responsive to our clients’ needs. 

Our mindset is to win clients, not projects, allowing us to focus on your long-term needs, success, and not our own bottom line. We believe this is the way to develop lasting relationships and earn your repeat business.


We understand that design decisions can have a major impact on the cost of a project. Construction costs are driven by multiple factors. Our goal is to produce engineering designs that achieve our clients’ goals while also reducing the overall cost of the project.


Safety is always our primary concern with everything we produce. We practice engineering using the most current codes and design standards in order to ensure that our designs meet current safety standards. 


Just because something has been done a certain way in the past, does not mean that it is the best or most efficient way of accomplishing your goal. We understand this simple principle at SJ Engineering and like to think outside of the box to solve our clients’ problems. 


We strive to understand our clients’ needs. At the end of every project you should be able to say that your engineer was a valuable asset to your project. Ultimately the end product should perform better, be safer, and be produced at a lower overall cost because of your engineer.


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Phone: 978-822-8284